Friday, January 5, 2007

First post. Yeah I did it!

Hi ppl!

Finally I have my own blog, but I still don't know what will it be about exactly. So I decided to write about almost everything I can, so let it be some kind of a diary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to write about taking bath or any really private stuff, but about being a young man in strange and sometimes mad world...

And of course being a student of math university! For the first, I'd like to tell about my self, I'm 21 y.o., my name is Egor Dmitrenkov, maybe it sounds stupid but it is =) I have a pretty girlfriend (photos will appear later), and actually in spite of our frequent falling out I do love her and hope she too =)

I have several interests like coding, playing DotA (don't knot what's that? I'll tell you later), and simply partying with my friends... It may be a common thing but actually it's not. All my life is saturated by some kind of miracles or something... May be I'm crazy, but I'd rather think that I find all that stuff like "preLuck"(cannot find any other words to describe it shortly - more explanations later) just because my mind is interested in it. Anyway I hope this will interest you, my reader. See you later!